Created by Marc Liss

A minimalist fixed-blade pocket knife made to be used.

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UNLOCKED! The Ultralight is here!
4 months ago – Tue, Jul 27, 2021 at 12:17:28 AM

We hit 25k!

Thanks to all of your amazing support we have officially reached our first stretch goal of 25k CAD. This is very exciting for us here at Origin and we are thrilled officially unlock the Ultralight TILI as both a reward and a discounted add-on.  This is quite timely because as I am writing this there are only four days to go in the campaign. We are on the home stretch and the unlocking the Ultralight is a great way to finish.


As the name suggests, the Ultralight is the lightest of the TILI series. The unique frame handle of the Ultralight has the same comfortable ergonomic shape of the other TILI models but with a large inner section removed. It weighs in at only 51 grams, undercutting the Skelen by 10 grams, the Hempen by 20, and the Oaken by over 30. And yet it still packs a punch! I have been using my Ultralight for several weeks now and it is handling everything I throw at it. 

It is crafted from 1095 high carbon blade steel like the others, but can be made from stainless AEB-L if you decide to add that to your order (please add one stainless add-on for each knife you'd like made that way). 

Pricing - Reward/Add-On

The Ultralight is available as a standard reward for $105 CAD (15% off retail), but you get the most bang for your buck if you purchase it as an add-on to an existing order for $75 CAD (40% off retail).  If you've already placed your order it is easily modified to include the Ultralight as well. 

The Richlite Prototype is done

We launched the Richlite add-on in our last update but at the time we only featured a digital rendering as the material shipment had been substantially delayed. Well it finally arrived last week and I quickly set to work mounting it to an Oaken TILI. The result was exactly what I was hoping for. The matte black of the Richlite is very distinct from the original Oaken.  Richlite is very tough stuff, is highly water resistant and is made from 100% recycled paper. The paper is mixed with resin and hydraulically pressed until it dries. Once dried it cuts almost like wood, but with a more consistent grain and predictable finish. If you've ordered an Oaken but prefer a darker handle then the Richlite add-on is the way to go. 

What's Next?

As mentioned earlier, we are now in the final days of the campaign. It has been so rewarding and truly an honour to witness so far. We appreciate all of your support so much. 

The campaign wraps up on July 31st. Shortly thereafter you will receive an email containing your backer survey.  That survey will be very important as it will clarify all of the details of your order including sheath colour, handle colour, as well as your mailing address. It will also be your last opportunity to upgrade your order with the existing add-ons, as well as a couple exclusively priced add-ons that will only be available through the survey. 

After we receive all of the survey info from you we will then know exactly how many of each knife and add-on we will need to manufacture and then the work can begin. I have already taken some preemptive steps to be well situated for an early start on the manufacturing. I have ordered and now have in hand several sheets of blade steel, which will be brought in for water jet cutting as soon as we have final numbers. So once the survey arrives please attend to it as quickly as possible so we can get started with things on our end :)

Thank you again for your support! And don't forget to go check out the Ultralight!

The TILI Ultralight is coming!
5 months ago – Thu, Jul 08, 2021 at 08:00:26 AM

Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much for supporting the TILI! We have blown past our funding goal and are now on our way to our first stretch goal of 25k. And we've got some exciting news :)

 Thats right! We are launching the new Ultralight TILI when we reach 25k! This new TILI model will be available as a standard reward but will also be available as an Add On for far below retail cost. We are currently working on the first few prototypes. I expect to have them done in a couple of weeks but before they launch we need to hit $25 000 mark. And to help get us there we have got some new Add ons available right now:

   1) The TILI has gone stainless! For $23 have your TILI made with AEB-L stainless steel, a blade steel known for its toughness, edge retention and ease of sharpening. These stainless TILIs have zero risk of rust or corrosion and will have a more polished satin finish than their high carbon counterparts. They'll be hardened and cryogenically treated to a hardness of 61rc, which we find to be the perfect balance between durability and edge retention.

 2) TruStone beads! In addition to the original hammered brass bead we are now offering two varieties of TruStone bead; turquoise and black gold matrix. TruStone, a simulated stone product, is very beautiful stuff and also offers the durability we need for anything attached to the TILI.

3) Richlite handle material for the Oaken TILI. Richlite is a paper based laminate material comprised of 100% recycled paper. The black paper is compressed with an epoxy resin which, once hardened, makes for a strong and water resistant material with similar properties to wood, only harder. This upgrade is only available for the Oaken TILI, totally changing its look without compromising its utility.  The photo below is a digital rendering. The finished prototype will be coming soon. 

All of these Add ons are available right now! It is our hope that they'll help push us to our 25k stretch goal soon so that the Ultralight will be unlocked :)

Thank you again for your support and thanks for reading. Onward and upward!

All the best, 

Marc and Kayla

Origin Handcrafted Goods

What an incredible start! A new funding record for Origin Handcrafted Goods.
5 months ago – Wed, Jul 07, 2021 at 07:06:02 AM

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